Dr. Richard Hubbard is founder and president of The Basic Needs Program. Richard fell in love with the people of Bangladesh while on a summer internship in the summer of 2007.  The idea behind Basic Needs came after he met a baby girl named Halima, who was starving from malnutrition and living in squalor.  Her gradual recovery inspired him to believe that other children like her could be helped. Richard returned home with another inspiration: to pursue a career in healthcare.  He eventually became a doctor, graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013.  His interests led him to pursue training in pediatric anesthesiology, with a focus in anesthesia for children with heart conditions. He eventually realized the potential to improve care for children with heart conditions in Bangladesh, and our international cardiac surgery program was born. Richard is Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Baylor College of Medicine and The Texas Children’s Hospital. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, his two children, and his four dogs. In his free time he enjoys fostering Great Pyrenees dogs and hiking in the mountains.